Planning to Remodel Your Home? Consider these Woods to Provide an Aesthetic Look

Written by www.easyhomz.com On January 25, 2019

Planning to Remodel Your Home? Consider these Woods to Provide an Aesthetic Look

Every home has its own unique quality. Different elements bind together to create visual effects and these visual effects have corresponding effects on the human mind. That is the reason; every material should be used carefully to provide a holistic look in home interior design.

While decorating your home, wood is a common material that is used in Kitchen and wardrobes. It is primarily because wood is easy to use and durable. It also comes in different types of styles and textures that give a rich and classy look to any home. However, it is important to understand that woods used for creating wardrobes are different than the ones used in modular kitchens because of the functionality. Therefore, one must understand the need and which type of wood would work best for each area. But, even before you go ahead with the selection of wood, you should consider two important factors: -

       Finish – Different type of material provides different finishes. Depending on your likeness, you should pick the materials for kitchen and wardrobes.

       Budget – This is a very important factor to consider because your budget would decide what kind of materials you can use and how you can achieve great looks in that budget.

       Durability – this is another factor to keep in mind. Every piece of wood used should be durable enough so that you don’t have to make repairs every now and then.

       Termite resistant – This is a common problem with wooden materials. The type of wood you choose should be termite resistant; else you would be spending a lot on repairs.

       Water-resistant – Woods used should be moisture resistant and resist fungal attacks, especially in the kitchen area.

Once you have a clear picture in your mind about the budget and the kind of look you are expecting, you now need to select the type of wood for your kitchen and wardrobes. There are different varieties of woods available from low quality to high quality, appearance, and durability.

Type of wood used in Kitchen and Wardrobe

       Particleboard – Particleboard is made up of wood shavings, factory discards, and wood chips. All these are mixed together with adhesives and resins to create the structure of the board. It is a cheaper choice and is convenient for the carpenters to work with because it is lighter and easier to cut. This board is also not water resistant and are not durable for a long period of time.