Use a Touch of Green to Decorate Your Home

Written by www.easyhomz.com On June 20, 2019

Use a Touch of Green to Decorate Your Home


Plants are not necessarily meant to be used outside. Use of indoor plants in enhancing your home décor has gain a massive popularity amongst interior designers. They can easily make any space inviting and beautiful, not to forget, they also make your home air healthier. Studies have proved that using indoor plants can be fruitful in keep the internal air healthy by removing toxic agents from the air. However, a lot of people don’t use them because they find it shabby and brings dirt. This article is all about using indoor plants in modern style of any shape and size.

·        Hanging plants – Ceilings are a perfect way to display indoor plants. Hanging plants look stylish and can be placed anywhere in the home. The only thought that should be used while making a hanging garden is that you should always use in an area that is less used as the roots are sensitive and can be destroyed with constant movement.

 Under the staircase – If you own a house that has an internal staircase with some space beneath or around it, you can use some plants (2 or 4, depending on the space available) to decorate the space. Area under or near the staircase is usually wasted. Therefore, make the optimal use of use by decorating it with plants.


·        Corners of the room – the most favourable place to place indoor plants are the corner of the rooms where there is less space and wastage of space. Depending on the amount of space available you can either use a single big plant or use stacks of small or big plants on one corner of the room. To enhance the look, you can use stylish plant holders. The pot colours should be according to the décor of the room.



·        Vertical gardens – This is a perfect idea for people who are low on space and yet want some freshness in their homes. Vertical gardens are usually a display of small plants mostly of the same size. You can either use it as your kitchen garden or just use them for decoration purposes. 

·        On windows – Windows are considered as the best place to keep the plants because this area receives maximum sunlight, which is important for all kinds of plants. Space on the windows is usually less, so you can use small vases or pots to decorate. Also, you can put few outdoor plants here as well due to sunlight.


·        One single large plant – You don’t need to create a jungle in your living room to create a healthy environment. By just placing one big large plant on the corner of your sofa can create the same impact of ten different plants. But make sure you use plates to soak the excess water.

These are some beautiful and trendy ideas to introduce a breath of fresh air in your home. Plants are an essential part of our lives and by using them, as much as we can, can make a huge impact, not only on our health, but also home décor. Easyhomz.com can help you convert your concrete space into green homes.


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